June 07, 2014

Pink Like Candy

A short while back I was introduced to an online clothing shop based out of Arizona called Candy Strike.  Not only did I love the pieces they had in their shop at the time of introduction, shortly after they released their Teenage Jezebel collection inspired by one of my favorite films since I was in 4th grade,  Hairspray!  And we are talking 1988 version with Ricki Lake and Divine and not John Travolta in a fat suit looking creepy as shit.  But I digress!  This collection is fabulous.  With their Tracy inspired Roach Dress being just pure pink perfection I was hooked.  I ended up getting the pink shirt that quotes Tracy Turnblad "I'm big, blonde and beautiful."  Now I am not blonde but that isn't stopping me from enjoying the shit out of this top.  When the top arrived they had opened up the neckline (which I would have done no matter what so that was great) but I ended up cutting the sleeves off and turning it into a super short crop top.  The first thing I felt I could pair it with is my Chubby Cartwheels Leather Skater Skirt.  Pulling it all together with pastel pink accessories and makeup.  I felt so cute and sexy and these pictures express just that.

Outfit Details-
Big, Blonde & Beautiful Shirt- Candy Strike
Faux Leather Skate Skirt- Chubby Cartwheels
Black Platform Maryjanes- Hot Topic (years old)
Double Cat Emily Strange Purse- Hot Topic (years ago)
Pink & Black Bow Hairclip- Good Stuff Only
Macroon Ring- Divine Sweetness (Etsy)

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May 05, 2014

Like Tears in Rain- Domino Dollhouse Dress

If it hasn't ever been apparent in the past how much I love Domino Dollhouse, let me just say it again.  I love them so very much!  Tracy is so talented and just a blessing to the plus size fashion community.  Each of her collections is unique from the previous but always on trend and making people post memes like this.  I've personally done it several times.

Their newest arrivals over at the Dollhouse is the Pagan Poetry collection.  Part 1 was released in early April and it was all I could do not to just drop an entire paycheck there.  My two biggest must haves were the Like Tears in Rain Dress (which I am wearing in this post) and this amazing blue plaid dress that I can't find the name to curently but it was in the preorder section for part 1 of the collection.  So glad I ordered when I did!

I am waiting for my plaid dress to arrive but it should be here in a couple weeks.  However the cloud dress arrived last week and I KNEW an outfit post had to be done asap.  I kept it all pretty simple because the dress itself draws so much focus from it's gorgeous pattern.  I paired it with some grey converse and my hands down favorite hair accessory,  quartz crystal crown!  Added perk, this dress fits like a dream.   It's comfortable and has a great amount of coverage in the skirt.  The wind blew quite hard when I was taking these photos and not once did I worry about flashing my neighbors.  Hooray for that!

OOTD Details-
Like Tears in Rain Dress- Domino Dollhouse
Shoes- Converse
Quartz Crystal Crown- Fancy Lady Industries


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April 29, 2014

Portland Fashion Week SS2014

This past weekend was a big deal for me.  As I mentioned in a previous post I was accepted onto the Portland Fashion Week Style Collective which meant I got tons of VIP treatments.  I got to go to swanky meet and greets, have a facial spa experience care of the Aveda Institute,  and was offered a styling consultation from Dosha with their style experts for my look for for runway shows.  This was all leading up to the fashion week itself.  Being on the collective, my good friend Coco and I got free tickets and front row seats at all the shows not to mention fun little swag bags from their sponsors.  Red Bull Blueberry and Cranberry are a dream come true for me by the way.  
I sadly missed friday nights shows due to illness but I made sure if I was going to miss it I would take in as much rest as I could to be ready for the following two nights.

Saturday night was amazing.  I was literally sewing my outfit the day of the event.  I am just so indecisive.  My first look was all Chubby Cartwheels.  Duh.  But not from the shop pieces.  A dress and hologram crop top I have only ever made just for myself. Adding some OneStopPlus tights, Torrid boots, an AMAZING Hairspray inspired clutch from Candy Strike and a crystal quarts crown by Fancy Lady Industries.  I felt rather snazzy.

I absolutely walked away from that night with a new favorite local designer.  Hello Eliza.  That collection was just screaming my name.  It's the only one I felt like I wanted to share the video from.  The fabrics, prints, fun style.  It just made me feel inspired about my own pieces and shop.   I did a collage of some of my favorite pieces from over the whole night.  I mean who doesn't like a bridal model with bunny ears and sunglasses?


Sunday Night was hectic to say the least.  I thought the event started at 8, but it apparently started at 7.  Rushing to get a cab to pick me up I offered a large tip if he got me there ASAP.  He did but he also farted in the car on the way there.  Thanks for rolling that window down sir.  I got there with plenty of time to spare as it happens so crisis averted!  I was apparently feeling a bit feline that night as I wore a tea length leopard print skirt I made with a black tank and fur collar cardigan both from Torrid.  The best piece of all was my black cat clutch.  It's a show stealer. 

 This evenings show was featuring the Art Institutes graduates collections.  It had a very different feel than the night before.  There were 20 collections being shown and most all of them were between 4-5 pieces per designer.   We saw a lot of super mini dresses which were nice but there was not a shortage of them, thats for sure.  However there were a few collections that really stood out to me.   One would be "Homestead" by Caroline Onzik.  It was a breath of fresh air to see not just denim but well made denim products with a great modern flair come down the catwalk to a Johnny Cash song.  But my absolute favorite collection of the evening was "Notre Dame de Nuit" by Danielle Grasseth.  Not only did this designer have absolutely gorgeous fabrics with textures I didn't see anywhere else in the evening, she had full on formal gowns and a 7 piece collection at that.  I was impressed by all angles.  Im adding a video of both collections final walks.



It was such a great experience!  I really look forward to PFW Fall/Winter 2014 and crossing my fingers hopefully will get to be on the style collective then as well.

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April 25, 2014

Bikini Babe Season!

I have been working with the green mermaid scale fabrics for quite some time now.  I first had them as leggings back last summer but was quickly approached by a lovely girl from New Zealand to have the fabric made into mermaid bikini bottoms.  How could I say no to that!?  It was perfect!  Sadly summer was coming to an end at that point and I had no time to put together a bikini collection so I was going to have to wait for spring/summer of 2014 and so I did.
Today I put out 3 pairs of bikini bottoms that I LOVE!  You can have your mermaid look, a very retro inspired daisy look or go for a basic black spandex to mix and match with as many tops as you wish!  If one thing is clear about my shop it's that I love stretchy clothes and I love making pieces that can easily be pared with others.  Basics but kicked up a notch or two... or 10.

So here are the pics of the my new pieces modeled by my friend Katana Fatale.  I am so happy to have them out!

Available at www.chubbycartwheels.com

March 21, 2014

Portland Fashion Week Style Collective SS14

I am extremely excited to announce that I have been accepted to be on the Portland Fashion Week SS14 Style Collective!  I am so thrilled and honored for this opportunity.  I missed going last year due to schedule conflicts.  But I knew with Jessica Kane running the show, having plus models involved in the shows and having fellow Summer Strut co-producer Coco Madrid on the collective as well makes missing this years shows not an option.  I'm hoping there will be an actual plus size designer showcasing this year but if not I am still excited to see what Portland has to offer.  We seem to be a fashion design magnet with 3 winners of Project Runway coming from the PDX area, Portland Fashion Week and soon to come Summer Strut!  There is no stoping us!  I can't wait to show off my personal outfits,  the highlights from all of the shows and the great people I will be meeting!  More to come starting this weekend.

For information on the specifics shows and where to get tickets click here.

Much Love!

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February 23, 2014

Coffee, Fashion & Meetings

On saturdays we wear black.  Or so that seems to be the accidental color pallet of our PDX Fat Fashion event planning meetings.  For today's meeting I wore my Chubby Cartwheels High Neck Lace Crop Top paired with a skirt I bought back when I lived in England.  I literally have never worn this skirt but knew I couldn't part with it because I knew one day I would need it for the perfect outfit, and sure enough!  I believe I bought the skirt from SimplyBeUK in 2007 but I can barely remember.  I did a lot of online shopping when I lived in Bournemouth.  On my feet are my still favorite studded boots from Torrid and the Domino Dollhouse studded backpack to hold all my business stuff.  Because I am a professional business woman who carries a backpack.   

End result in planning is that this next PDX Fat Fashion event we have named Summer Strut  and planned for July 12th is going to be amazing!  

OOTD Details-
High Neck Lace Top- Chubby Cartwheels
Black Maxi Skirt- SimblyBeUK (2007)
Studded Boots- Torrid
Studded backpack- Domino Dollhouse
Glasses- Coastal.com

Much Love!

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February 15, 2014

Instagram Dump

I take a lot of selfie shots showing off new jewelry, outfits and more on Instagram that I don't end up putting on my blog so I'm posting some of them here with links so you can buy them or to just show you myself drunk in a Simpson's themed bathroom.  Oh yeah.  That's in here.

Quartz Crown

Earrings & Junk Food Mirror

PDX Fat Fashion event planning with Leigh and Coco
Torrid Dress
Torrid Cardigan
Chubby Cartwheels Velvet Leggings

Stretchy Braceletes

Quartz Double Finger Ring

Being a fancy bitch
Eshakti Dress
Torrid Cardigan
Forever21 Necklace

#skorchcropshot weekend.

Downtown PDX

Drunk in a Simpson's themed bathroom.  See?  Told you.

My dad sent me 6 jars of his amazing salsa.

Geek girl.  Whovian chick.  The Tardis fell down the rabbit hole.

If you don't follow me on IG yet follow me now.  User name Chubbycartwheels.

Much Love!

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