May 22, 2015

Our Dark Queen

New fabrics have arrived with the restocking of the Boleyn Dress!!  And Courtney is of course killing it.

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May 21, 2015

People Magazine

Just to record this awesome moment in fat fashion and my little career.  Tess Holiday appears on the cover of People Magazine and she is wearing my lace bodystocking!!!  This is rad.  Big thanks to Tess for sporting my digs for this shoot.  <3

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May 15, 2015

My Fabulous Not So Tiny Tutu

I was gifted this fabulous tulle skirt by the lovely Jessica Kane and the shop Cool Gal Blue.  Let me just tell you I have be lusting after a tulle skirt for years now but never did I find one that was in anything above a 3x and one that would be affordable because honestly. a custom piece commissioned on Etsy seemed to start around $150.  This little piece of dream here, not only is in my favorite frigging color, it comes in sizes 1x-6x and is also only $65.00!  I mean seriously. You can't beat that!  The skirt is lined with a smooth matching satin like fabric with different weights of tulle layered on top to create a fun and full look but giving you total coverage.

I have a big wedding I am going to this summer and I will be wearing this little gem to it.  Probably minus my all time favorite F*ck Flattering tee from Gisela Ramirez I bought years back but possibly paired with a lightweight white button down tee and statement necklace.  The possibilities for it are endless really.  Thank you Cool Gal Blue!  I feel like a pastel princess.

Outfit Details- Tutu skirt- Cool Gal Blue / Crop Top- Gisela Ramirez / Tights- OneStopPlus


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April 27, 2015

Wide Calf Rain Boots

Being a Northwest girl my whole life, I live in my fair share of rain.  Portland is known for it's year round wet weather and if you don't have a good pair of rain boots you are certain to soak through your shoes constantly.

I was recently approached to review a pair of wide calf rain boots by a small UK company that is now offering their wide calf rain boots through a US website!  I have to be honest I was a little hesitant at first because every single time I have looked for ANY kind of boot,  my calves have always been too wide for them.  I really didn't think this would be any different,  even with them telling me they had adjustable straps to accommodate wider calves.   Here are the stock photos from the site that I was looking at.

When the package showed up and I saw this glorious pair of dark purple rain boots I said a prayer to the fashion gods.  They fit!! They actually fit!  I opened up the adjustable straps to the fullest they would go and I even had room to spare!  This has never happened before so I was beyond thrilled.  The site says they go up to 21" but they actually must go beyond that because my calves are 24"-25" where the top of the boot is.

So very excited to share this great new with my fellow fat calf followers I decided to pair them with a fun little spring outfit to show how wide my legs are and how they fit.  I pulled the adjustable straps rather tight but there was much more room available in the leg of the boot.  Also, not only do I have wide calves, I have wide feet too.  These slid on perfectly and were not tight on the foot.  I really can't explain how happy I am with these and how much I would recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a pair of rain boots that are actually wide calf.

*All information posted here is my honest review on the product and I was not paid in way to promote this item beyond being given the boots for my honest opinion.

You can find these boots here at

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February 17, 2015

Diet Industry Dropout

So a while back I saw a shirt on a site that said Dropout and  I thought this is really missing something.  Like what are you a dropout of?  Then I asked myself if I was a dropout of anything what would it be?  And it hit me.  I am a Diet Industry Dropout.

The meaning behind this phrase isn't to insult anyone or to sound superior.  But to proclaim that I, as an individual, have decided to not let a multi billion dollar a year industry play with my emotions, self esteem and body image like a puppet.  Growing up I was was fully engulfed in this media machine.  Being gifted all the new fad diet books, having gym memberships bought form me,  actually ordering diet pills,  being forced to join Weight Watchers and crying myself to sleep because none of it worked and clearly everyone one and everything was telling me how I looked was wrong.  And after trying all those supposed solutions  I was still fat.

Thank god for the internet and a thriving community of body and size advocates who can spread the good word of self love and give you real facts that aren't sponsored by diet companies.  I don't even get how that is legal but it is.  The major change from then to now is that I don't let anyone, let alone a corporation dictate how I feel and what I think about myself.  I make sure to surround myself with positive people, who love me how I am, no matter how I am or what I weigh.   I don't want to spend my time and money feeling bad because I can't live up to an impossible expectation of what someone else says is beautiful or acceptable.  I want to live my life how I want and enjoy it.  To not feel bad about it.  So I am here to proudly proclaim that I am a Diet Industry Dropout.

These shirts will be available in my shop in unisex sizes 1x-5x.

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February 16, 2015

Ouija Babe

For the Pink issue of Skorch Magazine I decided to combine some of my self made pieces with my fave indie shop Domino Dollhouse.  Duh.  I'm sure if you have ever seen any of my other posts this would be obvious.  The Ouija Board deign is super popular right now so when I saw they were carrying a Hell Bunny 4x crop letterman style jacket with the Ouija design on it, I knew I had to have it.
About this jacket.  I have a large chest and a broad back so I had a feeling it would be a bit snug.  It also has a non stretch lining that I promptly cut out.  I would advise this if you try it on and it's a bit snug or restricting.  it makes a world of difference. I still can't button it up in the front but I feel like a jacket of this design works just as well open.

I paired it with a new product I am introducing into my shop, the lace bodystocking.  However for this outfit I used pink stretch mesh for the monthly theme of the magazine,

Toss in the cutout dress I wore to Portland Fashion Week and my chucks.  Those are a given.

OOTD Details- Ouija Jacket- Domino Dollhouse / Bodystocking- Chubby Cartwheels / Dress- DIY / Converse- / Necklace - Thrifted / Glasses- Gifted.

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February 01, 2015

Fashion February

It is February 1st and apparently this is the month to document all of your fabulous outfits daily.  Oh so the interwebs has told me.  So I figured why not have a go at it and try to document as much as I can.  Knowing myself I'll manage about 5 looks all month because I work from home so I am usually sporting yoga pants, converse and some graphic tee.  Not going to say some of those piece won't be making it into these posts but I will try hard to experiment more with looks.

My first look has literally nothing from my own shop.  I know.  Shocker.  Torrid recently had their Haute Cash sale and I had to grab a few new pieces.  I feel like I have been good about getting rid of old clothing I never wear anymore or that I just never wore to begin with so splurging a bit would be ok.  I saw this plaid chiffon duster and thought, I never wear anything chiffon, I never wear anything long like this for a top, I should take the fashion risk.  Well it paid off.  While it doesn't fit perfectly in all areas (fabric does not stretch so it literally won't button over my belly) it buttons up in certain places so I wore it open with some black skinny jeans, a tank and some converse.  Perfect for my day out and about with my husband.  I just wish it wasn't raining here today.

Lipstick- Creature from Colour Pop / Diet Industry Dropout Necklace- Coming soon to Chubby Cartwheels

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January 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Flashback

This outfit post is a bit late as these photos were taking on Thanksgiving day.  I LOVED this outfit when I had it on but wasn't sure how much I liked the photos once I saw them  so they never got posted as I wasn't 100% satisfied.  But here it is a couple months later and I am really digging this look now.  Unfortunately I am out of the green velvet for the moment to sell it in my shop.  It's just such a perfect regal color.  Then pairing it with my vinyl skater skirt, cream tights and vintage black platform shoes I've had and feature quite a lot.  Not sure if vinyl and velvet go together, but what the hell.  I don't follow a lot of fashion rules anyway.

OOTD Details- Velvet Crop Top- Chubby Cartwheels / Vinyl Skater Skirt- Chubby Cartwheels / Tights- OneStopPlus / Shoes- Vintage / Clutch - Torrid / Sunglasses - Chubby Cartwheels / Lipstick- Diva by MAC

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January 18, 2015

Just A Touch Of Purple

If you haven't seen the Natalie dress I offer in my shop then let me fix that for you now.  It first came about by the lovely body positive warrior and fat fashion babe, Natalie Hage, who posted on Facebook that she was in the market for a dark green velvet dress.  I immediately PMed her and said I would love to help make that for her.  I even happened to have the perfect dark green velvet already in stock for my shop so it was meant to be.  The dress she wanted was a shortened skater skirt and a fitted top with short sleeve.  I love customizing pieces for people so I was excited to make this.  I sent it to her and shortly after she received it I got a message in my PM box with some stunning photos of her in it.  As she started posting the pictures around on her social media I noticed it was getting a very positive reaction.  So I decided to add it to my shop for others to be able to get without having to make ordering the custom piece too difficult.  It has now become my best selling item in the 3 years I have been open.  Thank you Natalie. :)

A major perk of making all the clothes in the shop myself I was able to make my own Natalie dress in a color I have wanted a dress in for a while now.  This gorgeous silver/grey velvet.  But it needed a bit more to make it really pop so I pulled a little inspiration from Clueless by wearing a white collared button down blouse under the dress paired with some purple tights for a plash of color.  I love this look because it's casual enough with my green purse but take away the under shirt and pair it with some fun flats and a clutch it can become a dressier piece for an evening out.  I love clothing that has versatility.  It's eco friendly and spares me from constantly buying new pieces all the time when I can just add or take away with this dress to create different looks.  Especially when you get this dress in black.  The possibilities are endless.

OOTD Details- Dress- Chubby Cartwheels / White Button Down- King Size / Purple Tights- OneStopPlus / Shoes- Lane Bryant / Purse- Target / Ring- Silver Lining Metal / Light Purple Nail Polish- Astro Nails / Lipstick- Portland Black Lipstick Company

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January 11, 2015

Lipstick Review w/ Colour Pop & Portland Black Lipstick Co

Growing up I was always obsessed with makeup.  Ask my mom, half of her makeup drawer would always "disappear" and wind up in my room.  As I got older  I eventually bought my own makeup and that's where the real obsession started.
Makeup as so many of you may know can be a form of art.  We use it to experiment, express how we feel or put it on to make ourselves feel good.  The right lipstick can change your outlook for a day, give you confidence or just make you feel like a god damn queen.  Many of the reasons I collected the crap out it.  I was mostly an eye shadow fiend in my teens.  Lipsticks were usually always neutral or nudes except for Metallic Vamp, a gorgeous metallic purple I lined with black eyeliner, don't judge) that I scored for $.99 at a small shop at my local mall until the shop closed when I was 15.  But eye shadows were my main jam.  You name the color and I probably had it or something incredibly close.

I would sit around my room for hours trying new ways to style and apply the makeup.  Always big and always loud.  But somewhere along the way I stopped experimenting and just stuck to a core group of colors.  For years this was the case.  I had 2 LARGE cases packed with makeup plus a makeup drawer in my vanity that I couldn't and wouldn't ever let go of.  But much like motto for clothing, if you don't wear it for a year (special occasion pieces aside) get rid of it.  So I busted out the caboodles and cleaned house.  I got rid of 95% o my insane makeup supply.  Hard as it was, it felt amazing!

But now I am faced with empty makeup drawers and frigging Instagram constantly brings back my youthful urge to splurge on some amazing makeups. Now days my passion is lipstick.  Thank god for dark colors being in because I personally love rocking the shit out of them.  I still love my neutrals but give me a dark red with a brown undertone and I am a happy girl.
So for Christmas I asked Santa for some colors from a local brand called Portland Black Lipstick Company  and boy did he deliver.  He brought me 3 fabulous colors that I am personally in love with. And while the colors do vary from the swatches you see on the site I am still pleased with the selection I got.
Plus you have the option to order samples here for $2.00 each which might be a great idea if you are apprehensive about dropping $12.00 per lipstick and you are unsure if the color is for you.

First we have Irony.  It's a gorgeous red with some slight warm/pink tones and a gorgeous mild gold shimmer.  On a lip that was first covered with foundation for a clean pallet it almost has a red/mauve look.  A great basic to have.

Second I got Artificial Amethyst.  This gorgeous purple has a deep rich color almost as though it's mixed with a bit of black (Metallic Vamp rebirthed) and a very slight pearly shimmer. My only wish is for a matching lipliner since these colors come in chapstick type tubes which isn't always the easiest for getting a clean line.

My final lipstick from this company is Undead Red.  By far my favorite of the tree I received.  This dark badass red will be in my makeup bag always.  Great pigment, dark and it goes on so smooth.  Highly recommend if you want a dark red.

I also was recently introduced to a new company called Colour Pop by the lovely Natalie Drue Hage who you can follow on IG as Nataliemeansnice.  Not only are their prices amazing ($5.00 per lipstick and lip liner), the color selection is stellar!  From nudes, to deep purples and frosty greens, there will be a color in their selection for you.  Plus shipping is free for ground (in the US I believe) or $4.99 for priority.  I went a little crazy and bought 4 lipsticks with matching liners.  Thats right, all the lipsticks have matching liners.  In these photos I used both the lipstick and liners.

My first color I tried on when they arrived was Fetch.  Again, god bless lip liners.  I love them so very much.  This color is so fun!  Now that my hair isn't some variety of red or pink I feel like I can pull off quite a variety of colors now, this being one.  It's bright, highly pigmented and glides on smooth.

Second was Frida.  Possibly my favorite of this bunch.  It is the perfect neutral for me.  It reminds me of a color I had when I was in high school but of course was discontinued after I had fallen in love with it.  So needless to say I will be buying 2-3 more tubes of this just to be on the safe side.  A perfect merging of nude and a pink/peach will go perfectly with any outfit or look I wear. 

Third was Feminist.  This gorgeous dark purple is different to the color on the site in that is has more cool/blue tones.  I was expecting more black purple and less blue purple.  The coverage is gorgeous though.  Highly pigmented as well and gives me the power to crush misandry around the world or to just feel fierce as shit when I'm at the grocery store.

Last but not least was Creature.  I was actually expecting this color to be darker and even to have more brown tones in it.  I felt it was hard to tell on the site what this color would actually come out looking like.  I still love it but want to try another color to get that brown red I so desperately desire because clearly they do not look the same at all in my opinion.  However the color it goes on is still gorgeous as fuck.

All in all I am happy with my experiences with these companies I am just trying for the first time.  And like so many other things, buying makeup online is very much hit or miss unless you have been able to try the colors on in person.  Thankfully with these companies PBLC lets you buy samples first if you want and Colour Pop is extremely affordable for a full size lipstick.  

Much love!

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